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Birthdate:Oct 2, 1990


Hello.. My name is Kiza.. (^o^) / But people often call me Sora or Aoi.. XDD
Welcome to my dreamwidth.. XDD

I used to be in Hey! Say! JUMP and D2 fandom *it's so obvious when you look at my tags, download stuffs, fanfics, translations, etc* but now I'm COMPLETELY into Arashi!! For god's sake, they're really made my day!!

♪ Arashi →  Aiba chan & Riidaa! (AIMIYA for my fav pair! XDD)
♪ D2 → Yukki & Shinshin!
♪ Hey! Say! JUMP → Chinen & Ryuuchan
♪ Kamen Rider → Kiva
♪ Kuroshitsuji → Ciel & Alois

This is SEMI-LOCKED journal.. Almost all of translations are LOCKED! I don't really mind w/ random add.. It's ok to add me, and usually I'll add you back if:
♪ Your LJ isn't an empty LJ
You commented on my entry at least once
♪ You asked me to be friends w/ you through comment in any entries or PM-ed me..

Feel free to follow my twitter @amnos_K1002 (^-^)/

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